Going Green

This is where the future of 24 Hour Heating and Cooling lies; we just installed solar, a 98% efficient tankless water heater and geothermal thermal heating and cooling to the shop so we can track real performance in our climate and to see how hard it is to get the rebates. So far the performace is amazing and the rebates are single page forms that come in a few weeks. So check back and we'll keep you updated.

Geothermal heat pump project:

This is the current answer to our energy crisis!! Boasts up to 400% efficiency where the highest you get with conventional gas equipment is 95%, and it operates on 31 ounces of refrigerant (as much as a fast food soda).

How it works: Eight feet under your yard the temperatures are relatively consistent, so whether summer or winter, if we collect that heat/cold and distribute it throughout our homes we have to do very little more to make it comfortable. We run pipes full of liquid through your yard to exchange the heat (to the ground in the summer/from the ground in the winter) and replace your furnace/boiler with a small heat pump.


We're installing alot of tankless water heaters these days. The best of them are 99% efficient and you never run out of hot water.  These can also be used for space heating. Conventional water heaters have chinese steel tanks which begin rusting the day you install them, these have copper and stainless steel so no rust and a 30 year life span vs. 10 to 12 year life spans of conventional. Next a conventional water heater keeps heating 50 gallons of water when you're not using it and a tankless only heats water after you turn on the faucet. Lastly these are direct vented so it does not use your oxygen. It pumps fresh air directly into the combustion chamber from outside so its efficiency doesn't taper as you use oxygen and you don't become less efficient as your equipment uses oxygen. I've chosen the "eternal" for my home, 98% efficiency with enough hot water to heat my home, domestic hot water and pool.

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Photo Voltaic Solar:

I don't like to consider myself a salesman as my primary position is a master heating and cooling service technician but when it's more affordable to replace equipment than to maintain it, I have to find ways to sometimes present more expensive high efficiency equipment in a manner that shows the return on the homeowners investment. Each time we come into a new technology I see where people tend to resist the change the most and temper my introduction to highlight those qualities the least. With p.v. solar I don't need to push the
importance of our environment, as anyone researching it is likely already sensitive to those issues. Cost is the big deterrent with these systems. So I start by encouraging people to consider financing as an investment in this situation. If you're anything like me, financing is utilized cautiously. But the simple fact with this investment is if you spend $150.00 this month on your low interest solar payment and sell $300.00 in energy back to the utility company, you just put $150.00 in your pocket.

How It Works: We install solar collectors on your roof. These are all direct current (like your car) so we put a box that converts the power into alternating current (like your homes power) then tie it into your homes electrical system. During the day electricity is far more expensive due to higher demand and commercial consumers, so while you're at work you're selling the power to your energy provider (for the same price they sell it to you thanks to Uncle Sam!) then at night and on weekends you buy the energy back at a much lesser cost. Of course how much you consume will varry and how many panels you install will set how much you are able to sell back but there's little more to it. I'd suggest financing even if you can afford a whole system because with these great rates for solar systems you can invest that amount of money in something else, all it has to beat is the interest rate on the loan but that's just me.

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